Minimum Order for Specials:

One Dozen Cupcakes Per Flavor

GF*  Gluten Free option upon request

V**  Vegan option upon request

Vanilla Strawberry  GF* V**

Vanilla cake topped with strawberry buttercream & filled with strawberry puree

Cinnamon Roll GF* V**

Cinnamon cake topped with whipped almond buttercream and cinnamon caramel sauce

Neapolitan  GF* V**

Vanilla and chocolate fudge cake topped with a 3 buttercream blend of chocolate, vanilla & strawberry

Strawberry Lemonade
Lemon cake topped with a tart strawberry buttercream
Twist  GF* V**

Vanilla & chocolate fudge cake topped with a buttercream twist of chocolate & vanilla

Peanut Butter  GF* V**

Your choice of vanilla or fudge cake topped with peanut butter buttercream

Chocolate Fudge  GF* V**

Rich & creamy chocolate buttercream on top of chocolate fudge cake

Vanilla Fudge  GF* V**

Vanilla cake topped with chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Vanilla  GF* V**

Chocolate fudge cake topped with vanilla buttercream

Vanilla Vanilla  GF* V**

Vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream

Raspberry Fudge  GF* V**

Chocolate fudge cake filled with raspberry puree, topped with chocolate buttercream & raspberry drizzle

Mocha Cuppiecino

Lightly flavored mocha flavored cake topped with whipped espresso buttercream

PB&J  GF* V**

Vanilla cake with strawberry filling & topped with peanut butter buttercream

S’more  GF*

Graham cracker cake topped with marshmallow buttercream & graham cracker crumbles

Candy Cane  GF*

Vanilla cake topped with peppermint flavored marshmallow buttercream & peppermint sprinkles

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  GF* V**

Vanilla & chocolate chip cake topped with chocolate chip cookie dough buttercream

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate  GF* V**

Chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate cream & topped with fudge buttercream & chocolate ganache drizzle